Four factors GHD Repairs

Published: 14th June 2011
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GHD hair straighteners go over and above becoming a high end merchandise and for several owners they are vital to their hair care and therapy. This post highlights 4 causes why you ought to repair your GHD hair straighteners. However there are many far more motives, but the four selected motives obviously explain why you need to have your hair straighteners repaired.

Make sure you notice if the plastic on your hair straighteners is broken or cracked, you ought to get in touch with us just before you guide a repair. We will then focus on no matter whether we can repair your hair straighteners.

Motive one - Environmentally Pleasant Decision

Acquiring a pair of GHD hair straighteners mended is an environmentally friendly conclusion. When the straighteners have develop into faulty, fixing them fairly than disposing of them is better for the setting.

Whatever the dilemma they can be mended: Faulty cable, not heating up, turning off ad-hoc, an individual arm being as well hot among a lot of other good reasons they could turn into faulty.

Obtaining the GHD straighteners fixed by our Uk group implies parts are not discarded, that have been completely practical. Why throw absent an merchandise due to the fact of one faulty element?

Reason two The Value

GHD hair straighteners are the finest hair straighteners on the sector and they are not a low cost obtain. You are paying out for a quality product or service that is forward of its rivals, so when a pair of GHD hair straighteners turn out to be ruined, you should think about the repair route, as it is more affordable to repair the GHD hair straighteners instead than changing them.

Cause 3 - Effectiveness

In search of to exchange a broken pair of GHD hair straighteners with a less costly pair will lead to a effectiveness matter. GHD hair straighteners are superb for men and women with thin, medium and thick hair. It is frequently noted that making use of a pair of GHD hair straighteners not only gives a good quality result, but also saves the user time.

Purpose four - Breaking up a present set

Many pairs of GHD hair straighteners really are aspect of a gift set. It is not unusual for these GHD hair straighteners to have a pattern over the cover, other individuals are coated in a color applied for that gift set. i.e. pink, gold and many others. By disposing of a pair of GHD hair straighteners from a present set, you are breaking up the present set, so not only will you be having to pay significant a lot more to switch the straighteners, but they will no more time match the other items in the set.


So when it arrives to repairing your GHD hair straighteners you ought to use our support. The repair centre is primarily based in the United Kingdom and the service is economical and rapid. All the repair group are capable and just about every set of GHDs undergo portable appliance testing prior to they are sent again.

If you live in England, Scotland or Wales, then you really should use our specialist repair service to repair your broken GHD hair straighteners.

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